What’s in my kitchen?

An Aga! It’s my most-used piece of equipment for fudge making and I can’t live without it.

However, we didn’t initially hit it off on a good note. It very much started off as more of a hate rather than a love relationship!

Reason 1: You can’t adjust the heat and you need special pans to cook with!

Reason 2: If you use it too much it starts to lose heat and everything slows down.

Reason 3: You can’t see in the main oven. I cannot count the number of times I forgot about food in the oven and come back to a burnt piece of charcoal! Cooking on an Aga is an acquired skill that I worked on for years with limited success.

Until now. Now it helps me make my fudge on a daily basis. The slow steady heat ensures that the fudge doesn’t burn on the base on the cooking pot allowing the ‘do not stir’ stage to be done successfully.

Plus, there is nothing more comforting than standing in front of it on a cold or hot day. The gravitational pull that attracts your bottom when you have a cup in your hand! Don’t even get me started on Aga toast and Aga pancakes cooked direct on the hotplate!

My relationship with my Aga is powerful and built to last.