From Nursery Teacher to fudge maker!

Hey! I’m Hannah.

Have you ever wondered if you could do a job that you love?

I love making fudge and what started off as a casual hobby for the weekends whilst I was working as a Nursery Teacher, has now grown in to a full-blown fudge making business in just five months.

Last summer I decided to turn my fudge making into a business (after many prompts from friends, family members and our three children!). It took one push from a close friend who booked me into see a graphic designer, Matt Mills. One sunny Thursday afternoon myself and my husband John travelled to meet Matt from Mills Graphic Design. Very soon after meeting we had our new name, Upper Oaks and as quick as that Upper Oaks was born!

On our journey home through the stunning south Shropshire hills we decided to drive up onto the Longmynd, this turned out to be a very memorable and special moment. It was a warm summer’s day. We parked up and were instantly surrounded by wild ponies (who to John’s disgust were very interested in the car!). We chatted and wondered if this could be the start of something!! I most certainly was and I’m sure that moment of nervous anticipation will stick with me for years to come. The start of working for myself.

I spent five weeks during the summer holidays concocting my own fudge recipe which I’m sure, in the end happened by luck! I don’t know how many kilos I ate during those five weeks trying to get it just right! There were so many questions: What is the right temperature to cook it to? Why can’t you make fudge on a wet day? How much does it need to cool down before I can beat the living daylights out of it? And most excitingly for me who is obsessed with making new flavours, what new and scrumptious tastes can I make?

So, what can you expect from my blogs? Fudge news, inside the kitchen, inside my life, tips on how to use your fudge, trying new things, plus much more.