Marshmallow fudge

This is not your typical blog. You’ve been warned. Contents are highly addictive; the foods are super appetizing. If you do not want to be a victim, then turn your back now. Otherwise, please be prepared to succumb to these simple pleasures!!

Last week I went to the shop to buy some milk, however, I came back with some marshmallows (in my defence they were on sale!) but no milk! Forgetting to buy what I went to the shop for happens quite a lot as I get easily distracted by anything sweet!

As my marshmallows sat on the worktop, I convinced myself not to eat them all there and then. Instead I experimented with some new marshmallow fudge flavours.

I tried a couple of takes on marshmallow fudge, maybe some potential new flavours just in time for summer.

First was ‘Marshmallow Rocky Road Fudge’. It was a smooth luscious chocolate fudge loaded with crunchy walnuts and sweet, chewy marshmallows. A delightful twist on a classic!

Next up was a ‘unicorn marshmallow fudge’. ⁠I have always wanted to experiment with a fudge aimed for children. It must be my inner nursery teacher coming out! and I must admit this was so much fun! The mesmerising rainbow swirls through the marshmallow fudge incorporated with fruity flavours, a must for any unicorn fan.

Now, the question is, should I include these in my summer fudge menu? Let me know on

Remember… there’s never a bad time to indulge in a little something special.