From the Kitchen

Fudge handmade in Shropshire by Hannah, from the freshest of local ingredients

Fudge Doughnuts

I think you need to prepare yourself for this one. I like to think that we’re doing a decent job of teaching our children the

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Fudge Ice cream recipe

This intensely, fudgy ice cream is a textural experience, it’s a fudge lover’s dream with swirls of molten fudge mixed with solid fudge chunks. To

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marshmallow fudge

Marshmallow fudge

This is not your typical blog. You’ve been warned. Contents are highly addictive; the foods are super appetizing. If you do not want to be a

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Pancake day!

Every day should be pancake day but personally in our home we settle for it every Friday – a reward for almost making it through

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